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From the Life of Server: The Difference Patience Makes

If you look at my life, even the moments where I’m at my best, patience is rarely my strong suit. Patience being willing to work at things and see them come to fruition without setting the unhealthy expectation of immediacy.

A Tale of two Tables

The other day, I had a fairly slow morning. My shift started at 12 pm, I was going to be there until 8 pm, and I had maybe two tables before 4 pm. One of our other servers showed up and wasn’t feeling great that day and was sent home, it should be fine, we’re dead. That’s when life decided I needed a lesson, and while I wasn’t excited while I was in the middle of the trial, I was grateful for the lesson in the end.

The Flow of Life

The Influence of Intention

Virginia Satir, one of the pioneers of the study, believed that intention means everything. I tend to agree in terms of driving life forward, refining your intent allows you to take more pauses in life because you can see if the response you are about to make matches the intentions you’ve mapped out for yourself.

Reflection on Your Life

I’m not one for talking to a wall. I want to know where you’re at, I want to know how patience and intention have impacted you and your life. Please comment below and let me know.

Writer and Life Coach working to better himself and help those around them reach their best.

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