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From the Life of a Server: Consistency Reigns Supreme

There are so many moments in our lives where we would succeed if we had just managed to be consistent in the level of effort we had applied. Consistency is the key to success, in everything. When I was writing consistently, I was constantly improving, ideas flowed, and I ended up with work that impacted people like this “Why Vulnerability Is Your Strength, Not Your Weakness” instead of struggling to find my flow on a daily basis. In serving, consistently giving great service ingrains it as a habit so that when you end up in a situation you’re not thrilled with or the customer is abrasive and rude you still give great service because it’s drilled into who you are as a server.

Consistency IS Growth

I believe wholeheartedly in fitness and the way that it reflects your life. When you’re consistently pushing yourself to be healthy in the gym, the rest of your life reflects it. The willingness to put your all into work that most people don’t see and won’t appreciate is the key to gaining strength just like it’s the key to gaining success. Every day, you have thought leaders telling you to put your head down and get to work and they say that because that’s ultimately the key to success. You can have flashes of brilliance and succeed in the short term, to succeed in the long term you need to put your head down and just grind it out.

Writer and Life Coach working to better himself and help those around them reach their best.

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