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Achieving Dreams in Three Steps a Day

I’m by no means the most inspirational writer. I’m not the most successful person, yet. I’m not coming to you with a hidden process that makes you more than you are.

I’m here to talk to you about what works. That’s it. There are hundreds of ways to any destination, they all require you leaving where you’re at and that means work. It also oftentimes means a leap of faith which is generally fueled by passion. That’s actually the first step.

One of the simplest pleasures in life is knowing what you’re passionate about. Your passion can be a hobby, it can be your work, your family, friends, or eating a nice meal. At the end of the day, what matters is that it’s yours and it adds flavor to your life.

This means one of the worst things that can happen is to lose your passion, lose that zest, the intrigue. We’ve all had those moments, moments where we felt lost, disconnected, and without a driving force. We go through the motions but we have not end game, no goal, no dream.

In order to prevent that, in order to make a every day a day that we value, one that adds to the collective value of the story we’re writing, we have to reawaken that passion. We have to stoke the fires of our souls so that we don’t become one of the many that just meander through life.

My way of doing this, is to reread and then rewrite the things I’m passionate about every day. It is to take that step to remind myself why I do what I do, and why I need to be committed to the success and goals that I seek to attain.

Grant Cardone, in his book “The 10x Rule” talks about writing down your goals, your passions, and linking them together. Find a way to make the simple things you do daily, link to the big things you want to accomplish in the future.

In the book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Steve Covey, it is recommended that you write a mission statement as well as a eulogy for yourself. The purpose of these things is to establish your values, and to remind yourself of the work and steps you’re consciously aware of on your way to your end goal, that thing you’re passionate about.

For me, my passion is building people up. I spent a large portion of my life feeling alone, feeling useless, and feeling like I had no value to add to the world. Because of those things, I have become very passionate about making sure that no one else feels that way. I aim to become a life coach, writer and speaker that can help to inspire and lead people to be their best self. The thought of achieving that goal, of helping other people see themselves and look back on their life and know that they have chosen to be the best that they could be sets my soul on fire and is the reason that I’m willing to spend time bettering myself, learning more, and sharing it.

Ultimately for me, my passion is in helping those around me see the best version of themselves and know that they actively chose to be that person, that it wasn’t a mistake, that it was intention and choice that got them there.

Every day, I write down my goals. Every day I review them. Consistency in areas like this are key. You have to consistently work on improving and achieving if you want to truly attain success at any level.

For me, writing daily is a necessity, making sure that I make progress whether it be on short form items like Medium articles, or on long form items like a book I’m working on, it has to happen daily.

My preference for writing down my goals is to break it down into three different items. First, a goal that you can get done that day that gives you a little momentum and keeps that you going so that you can sustain. Second, I have a step that gets me towards one of my short/mid term goals, something that I need to get done for a deadline that week or month. Finally, something that is progress towards a long term goal.

If you write down three goals a day, and achieve them that adds up. In the average month that means you’ve accomplished 90 goals and taken 90 steps towards where you want to be. In a year you will have taken more than 1000 steps towards where you want to be.

Looking at where you are as opposed to where you were is one of the most uplifting feelings out there. It makes it so that success isn’t measured against others, but that success is a gift that you have granted yourself.

“The way to measure your progress is backward against where you started, not against your ideal.” -Dan Sullivan

This is my favorite reminder about how to measure progress. It is a truly simple idea to measure things against where you were, but oftentimes we measure where we are against our potential. If I look forward and measure against what could be, I am failing in every area of my life, my relationships aren’t where I want to be, the work that I want to be doing isn’t what I’m focused on and working on the most, I struggle to live more than paycheck to paycheck when I want to be stable and secure with money to invest and utilize.

If I look against where I have been, the landscape is different. Fifteen years ago, I started contemplating suicide because it felt like everyone in my told me I didn’t measure up to expectations. Ten years ago, my body was in severe distress, I was dealing with severe depression and insomnia, I was focusing so much on what I had been a victim of that I was up nights obsessing over the pain. Two years ago, I got sick and I was unable to work or do much of anything for the next eighteen months, I lost a crucial relationship, and everything just felt bleak, but I looked back and so much had improved and that is where the hope to continue came in because if I had improved things before I could do it again.

Looking back and measuring where you were against where you are allows you to see that even minor steps add up. It allows you to see that even if your goals weren’t what you would consider ideal now, you met some of them and are in a better place for it. Progress is about moving forward, and success is ultimately just consistent progress.

The three steps that I have found most useful to take on a daily basis for sustained progress and ultimately success are:

  1. Reigniting and refocusing on your passion
  2. Writing goals down daily and keeping momentum going.
  3. Review the progress I’ve made.

The three of these things combined allow you to continue to drive forward and see the life that you want growing ever closer as you leave the place you are behind. It’s not ever enough to stay still, if you do entropy by its very existence pulls you backwards, you need to push forward because success is an obligation and is something you owe to yourself.

Writer and Life Coach working to better himself and help those around them reach their best.

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