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I want to start this off by saying that if you don’t read this, do yourself a favor and watch the video below. It is one of the best pieces of advice that I’ve seen on self-growth and self-love in my life, and I wish I had found it sooner.

Ultimately, I write this for myself and a couple of close friends, but if there is an off chance that this helps others heal, I’m taking that chance by putting it out there.

Brene Browns TED talk “The Power of Vulnerability”

To start out, this is a topic I’m not…

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We all know that books have untold power, whether it’s a fantasy book that pulls you into a new world with new rules and new cultures or a self-help book that leads you to new ways of building habits and shaping your life, books can lead you anywhere. I was pouring over old notebooks and was just struck by how many books I’ve read that have shaped my life, and wanted to share some of the best I’ve read. …

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None of us face greater critics in life than our inner voice. It is the one thing that we are all constantly aware of, it is the one voice that has intimate knowledge of all of our actions and perceived shortcomings, and it is the one voice that we have no power to turn off. I’ve spent most of my life letting my voice tell me that being successful is selfish, is detrimental to other people, that by putting in the effort and achieving things I’m stopping other people from achieving them and that because of all of those things…

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We’re all aware that with the New Year arriving, there are going to be expectations placed upon us and most often they come in the form of traditional New Year’s Resolutions. The problem with these resolutions is that nearly 80% of them fail, and part of the reason that resolutions fail is the same reason that goals fail in general and that is lack of planning. Any time you set a large goal, if you don’t make a means of following through and an accurate way of measuring it then you won’t meet it.

Think about the most important goals…

Disclaimer: Most of this is written for me. I’m not trying to change the world, or change anyone’s life, it’s about completing a goal I set for myself and letting things out. It’s about holding myself accountable, and taking stock of where I am. I doubt anyone reads this, but if you do, I hope it helps you in some way.

I’ve spent most of this year not writing. I’ve spent most of it not doing anything. Normally I would attribute that to my own laziness, to lack of ambition, to the fact that I rarely ever believe in my…

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In life there are very few certain truths. Two people in the same situation can have vastly different experiences and it turns out it’s generally not based on what happens but on their perception of what happened.

“It isn’t the fact that matters, but your perception of the fact that matters.”

-Tony Robbins

Have you ever been in a situation with friends where you’re having a super negative time but they’re genuinely enjoying themselves? Have you ever seen someone drenched because of rain and everything seems to be going wrong for them but they’re sitting there with a big old…

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We all have things that we struggle with, burdens we individually bear that people may understand due to similar circumstances but will likely never understand because they aren’t wired the same way. There’s a story I heard about a man floating in a river who is hit in the head by a log and responded in irritation but what he didn’t know is what happened a thousand feed up the river that put the log on a collision course with his head. …

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There are so many moments in our lives where we would succeed if we had just managed to be consistent in the level of effort we had applied. Consistency is the key to success, in everything. When I was writing consistently, I was constantly improving, ideas flowed, and I ended up with work that impacted people like this “Why Vulnerability Is Your Strength, Not Your Weakness” instead of struggling to find my flow on a daily basis. …

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If you look at my life, even the moments where I’m at my best, patience is rarely my strong suit. Patience being willing to work at things and see them come to fruition without setting the unhealthy expectation of immediacy.

Recently, I started serving for a job and prior to getting shut down for recent health concerns and safety reasons I noticed a lot of life’s lessons are exemplified in working as a server and in serving others in general. One of the most poignant that was exemplified to me this week was patience.

I like to sell myself as…

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I’m by no means the most inspirational writer. I’m not the most successful person, yet. I’m not coming to you with a hidden process that makes you more than you are.

I’m here to talk to you about what works. That’s it. There are hundreds of ways to any destination, they all require you leaving where you’re at and that means work. It also oftentimes means a leap of faith which is generally fueled by passion. That’s actually the first step.

One of the simplest pleasures in life is knowing what you’re passionate about. Your passion can be a hobby…

Casey Bright

Writer and Life Coach working to better himself and help those around them reach their best.

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